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Best Value
Full Version $4,395
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  • Includes all features of Freeform version
  • Hybrid parametric modeling for both organic and prismatic shapes
  • Build fully parametric history tree directly into SOLIDWORKS
Freeform Version $2,195
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  • Freeform organic modeling software
  • Automatic surfacing of complex shapes with one button
  • Manual freeform surfacing of complex shapes with user control

Which version is right for you?

  • Freeform Version
    Freeform Version

    Suitable for anyone who just needs a solution for capturing the design intent of freeform surfaces. This option is also ideal for anyone who have an existing solution for reverse engineering prismatic shapes but is looking for a complementary solution for organic parts.

  • Full Version
    Full Version

    All the tools you need to convert 3D scan data into a solid or surface model to pass onto your preferred CAD packages.

Feature Comparison

  Freeform Version Full Version
File Compatibility
Import STL, OBJ or PTX file formats yes yes
Export in IGES or STEP file format yes yes
Basic Features
Polygon reduction yes yes
Mesh segmentation yes yes
Manual mesh alignment in space yes yes
Freeform Organic Modeling
Symmetry based free form modelling yes yes
Snap to Mesh Technology yes yes
Real-time tolerancing for free form modeling yes yes
Manipulator (gumball) based modeling yes yes
Wrap Surfacing yes yes
Automatic Surfacing yes yes
Surface quality analysis yes yes
Parametric Modeling (History-based Modeling)
Primitive best fit extraction no yes
Constrained best fit no yes
Relations between extracted primitives no yes
Quick alignment based on extracted primitive (datum) prioritization no yes
2D sketching with tolerance control no yes
Constraints and dimensions in 2D Sketch no yes
Revolved and Extruded surfaces no yes
Circular and Mirror Patterns no yes
Trimming and Filleting no yes
Solids Boolean operations no yes
Draft Angle analysis no yes
QSConnect for SOLIDWORKS no yes
Import file formats

Compatible with any 3D scanner exporting to these file formats

Export file formats

Data in standard IGES or STEP file for use in other CAD programs

QSConnect makes it seamless decoration

Make Transferring a Breeze

Developed specifically for QUICKSURFACE, it’s a user-guided process that takes you through the steps of transferring the whole parametric history tree into SOLIDWORKS directly.

Achieve error-free models every time and save valuable time.

* Available for QUICKSURFACE Full Version only.

Computer requirements
Full Commercial Licensed Version

Computer Requirements

  • Single license of standalone 3D reverse engineering software (Freeform or Full version)
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Software will be delivered electronically (No physical product will be shipped)
  • You will get an email with the license key for activating the software

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