QUICKSURFACE Team Visits Rapid + TCT in LA: A Celebration of Innovation and Collaboration

The QUICKSURFACE team had the incredible opportunity to attend the Rapid + TCT 2024, the largest and most influential additive manufacturing event in North America held from June 25 to 27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year’s event was particularly special as we supported our scanner manufacturer partners: Shining3D, Scantech, and Revopoint. The experience was not only an excellent chance to see the latest advancements in 3D scanning technology but also a valuable opportunity to connect with industry leaders and strengthen our relationships.

Partnering for Success

At the heart of our visit was our collaboration with Shining3D, Scantech, and Revopoint. These manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 3D scanning technology.


Shining3D recently showcased their latest high-precision scanners, including the EinScan HX, FreeScan Combo Series, FreeScan UE Pro, and Einstar models. These advanced technologies highlight their ability to capture intricate details with unmatched accuracy, offering comprehensive solutions for various industries, including reverse engineering.

Their dedication to quality and continuous improvement aligns perfectly with QUICKSURFACE’s mission to deliver top-tier 3D solutions. Shining3D’s scanners integrate seamlessly with QUICKSURFACE’s software, enhancing the process of converting 3D scan data into precise CAD models. This integration ensures efficiency and accuracy in industries where precise data capture is critical.


Scantech impressed us with their cutting-edge portable 3D scanners, designed for a wide range of applications. From industrial use to educational purposes, their versatile products cater to diverse needs, making them a key player in the 3D scanning market. The iReal scanner stands out with its user-friendly design and exceptional accuracy. It is ideal for applications requiring detailed scans of intricate objects and surfaces. IReal scanners seamlessly integrate with QUICKSURFACE, offering a comprehensive bundle for converting complex 3D scan data into accurate CAD models. This capability is crucial for applications like product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. With QUICKSURFACE, users can efficiently process scan data, perform detailed analysis, and generate precise CAD models ready for production.


Revopoint has launched a new line of user-friendly scanners aimed at making 3D scanning accessible to a wider audience. Their focus on affordability and high-quality performance is reshaping the industry, catering to both hobbyists and professionals.

These scanners offer impressive scanning capabilities, delivering detailed and accurate 3D scans suitable for various applications. Their collaboration with QUICKSURFACE provides bundled software for efficient conversion of scan data into precise CAD models. This integration enhances workflow efficiency, particularly in areas like reverse engineering, prototyping, and quality control.

Engaging with Resellers

We were delighted to meet with our resellers, Verisurf and Rapid Scan3D, during the event. These partners play a crucial role in bringing our products to market and ensuring that customers receive the support and expertise they need.

Verisurf continues to excel in providing comprehensive metrology solutions. Their commitment to integrating QUICKSURFACE with their software offers users a seamless experience, enhancing productivity and precision.

Rapid Scan3D has been a fantastic partner in promoting and distributing our solutions. Their deep understanding of customer needs and market trends helps us tailor our offerings to better serve the industry.

Building Bonds with Friends

In addition to our partners and resellers, we enjoyed catching up with friends from AESUB, Bambulab, and Creality. These interactions are always a highlight, as they remind us of the strong community spirit within the 3D technology sector.

AESUB continues to impress with their innovative scanning sprays, which are crucial for achieving accurate 3D scans. Their products enhance the scanning process, ensuring that even the most challenging surfaces can be captured with precision.

Bambulab and Creality showcased their latest 3D printers, highlighting advancements in speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Their dedication to improving 3D printing technology aligns with our vision of making high-quality 3D solutions accessible to everyone.

Looking Ahead

Our visit to Rapid + TCT in LA was a resounding success. It reinforced our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community within the 3D technology industry. We are excited to integrate the insights and feedback we gathered into our future projects, ensuring that QUICKSURFACE remains at the cutting edge of 3D software development.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships and building new ones as we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in 3D technology. Thank you to everyone who made this event memorable, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from QUICKSURFACE. Together, we are shaping the future of 3D technology.

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