Solving Industrial Challenges through Innovative 3D Reengineering: A Success Story

3D remodelling pump impeller

Innovative approach to overcoming manufacturing obsolescence with QUICKSURFACE software.

In the complex realm of industrial operations, smooth functioning relies on the reliability of every component. However, when a critical part, like a pump impeller, is discontinued by the manufacturer, it can have dire repercussions. This was the predicament faced by a valued client of Hans Kämmerer GmbH.

The problem

The client, relying on a centrifugal pump in their industrial plant, faced a crisis when the manufacturer stopped producing the impeller, leaving them with no spare parts. Understanding the urgency and potential disruptions to operations, they sought professional help for a solution.

3D scanning

Employing advanced 3D scanning with the Shining 3D FreeScan Combo, they captured intricate details of the defective pump impeller. This data formed the basis for the 3D reengineering process using QUICKSURFACE software, which reconstructed a precise 3D model.

3D reengineering

QUICKSURFACE allows the user to load any size mesh using the industry-standard STL, OBJ, or PLY mesh files. The built-in polygon reduction function allows the user to use any size of mesh, and to reduce it with a suitable number of triangles without compromising the quality of the mesh.

In QUICKSURFACE Pro, you can quickly extract areas of interest, such as planes, cylinders, and spheres, using the Simple-to-use Mesh Selection tools. Additionally, users can identify areas representing features or free-form surfaces with the help of the magic wand, brush, and free-form selection.

In QUICKSURFACE you can create repetitive patterns of objects by arranging them in linear or circular formations. Additionally, employ object mirroring for added symmetry when necessary.

Speed optimised real-time distance colour map in QUICKSURFACE, allows the user to keep everything in control and get the most accurate results.

With the reconstructed model, the team transitioned to Autodesk Inventor, crafting precise manufacturing drawings. QUICKSURFACE facilitates exporting models in industry-standard formats like STEP or IGES. A STEP model was swiftly sent to the foundry, expediting pump impeller production.

QUICKSURFACE’s seamless workflow swiftly overcame the seemingly impossible challenge.
The software bypassed reliance on obsolete spare parts. It ensured uninterrupted operation of the industrial system. This showcased the potency of innovation and expertise in tackling complex challenges.

In conclusion

This success story showcases how modern technologies like 3D scanning and QUICKSURFACE software were used for tailored solutions, meeting the client’s needs effectively. As industries evolve, this professional approach stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation, boosting efficiency across the industrial landscape.

The images and the materials has been provided to us by: Hans Kämmerer GmbH

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