Transfer License

Transfer a license of QUICKSURFACE from one PC to another

If you have QUICKSURFACE installed on one PC you can transfer your license to another. This means that you need to deactivate the license on your current PC (so the software is no longer working) and start using it on another PC.
To start doing this make sure you have latest version of QUICKSURFACE installed on BOTH computers.

To make the transfer possible, both computers must have internet connection. If they don't - contact us for support.

1. Start QUICKSURFACE on your OLD PC and select 'Settings Activate Software...'

2. Press the Transfer license button.

3. A warning message will ask you to confirm your intentions. Please note that once deactivated you cannot use QUICKSURFACE on this computer until you activate it again.

4. If the software connects successfully to server you will get a confirmation window. This window will show you the new license which can be used on the NEW installation. Press 'Copy to clipboard' and paste in your text editor or e-mail client so you can have access to this license on the NEW computer.

5. On the NEW computer, start QUICKSURFACE and again select Settings Activate software. Place the license which has been created in step 4. and press Activate. You will need to restart the software for the changes to have effect.