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Reverse Engineering Software

QUICKSURFACE is a Scan to CAD software for transforming 3D scan meshes from any 3D scanner into CAD models.

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Introducing a Scan to CAD software that’s affordable AND accessible.

While 3D scanners have opened up in terms of affordability and accessibility, reverse engineering software for converting scan data to a CAD model has yet to follow—until now.

QUICKSURFACE focuses on shifting this paradigm.

  • save money
    Great Value for Your Money

    Low-cost 3D reverse engineering solution allows more people to reap the benefits of using Scan to CAD tools for product design.

  • For Beginners and Advanced Users
    For Beginners and Advanced Users

    You don’t have to be a CAD specialist to use it. QUICKSURFACE is easy to use. Scan to CAD tools for everyone.

  • Best-fit Algorithms
    Best-Fit Algorithms

    Achieve the right results and get the accuracy and design intent you need when building CAD models.

  • Simplify process
    Simplifies the Scan to CAD Process

    Gain efficiency of an often labor intensive process, without sacrificing on quality. It’s intuitive to use.

Workflow At a Glance

  • Digitize
    Import 3D Scan Files

    Compatible with any 3D scanners that export to STL, OBJ, or PTX file formats.

  • Design
    Reverse Engineering for Design

    Use 3D scan data as a guide to create parametric, surface, or hybrid 3D models.

  • CAD models
    Useable CAD Model

    Parametric model with history tree or export as IGES or STEP file into your CAD program.

All The Tools You Need To Solve Your Scan to CAD Challenges

With QUICKSURFACE, you can do:

Parametric Modeling
Parametric Modeling

Create cross-sections and build complex 2D sketches with lines, arcs, and curves for revolving or extruding surfaces. Designing with a feature or “history” tree is extremely useful when transferring parts over to CAD software like SOLIDWORKS.

Automatic Surfacing
Automatic Surfacing

Create CAD models even from complex organic mesh. Create surface on organic shapes with hit of a button. User involvement is not required. You still have the ability to edit the models exactly how you want it afterwards.

Freeform Modeling
Freeform Modeling

With Quad Surface tool, reconstruct freeform surfaces for organic 3D mesh data not normally possible with the standard surfacing methods. Snap-to-mesh technology and real-time deviation analyzer empowers you to create shapes accurately representing the scan data in no time.

Hybrid Modeling
Hybrid Modeling

Reconstruct both organic and prismatic shapes and merge them together into a solid or poly-surface. QUICKSURFACE provides fully parametric with history tree for both organic and prismatic shapes.


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QUICKSURFACE is about taking your mesh-based data out of your scanning process and achieving the geometry you want.

Whether that’s a complete part, skinned and surfaced up, or a select set of reference surfaces from which you will begin to design another part, QUICKSURFACE handles these tasks in a very efficient, clearly defined and well-executed manner.

Pricing at a Glance

Freeform Version $2,395
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Full Version $4,395
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Accessible For Your Entire Team

Affordable Scan to CAD solution for everyone to have their own license.

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