Speed up your manufacturing process with our 3D scan to CAD solution

QUICKSURFACE is the most effective 3D Reverse engineering software for Hybrid modeling on the market

The bridge between 3D Scanning and Manufacturing

3d reverse engineering process with QUICKSURFACE

Simple, powerful yet affordable 3D Reverse Engineering software

3D Reverse Engineering is a powerful way to create digital designs from a physical part.

Save more than 50% on time and effort using QUICKSURFACE AI powered tools for fast product design.

How does it work?

QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse engineering solution that complements any 3D scanner.
It is created for engineers who want access to 3D modelling, using their scanned data, but face the limitations of the traditional CAD systems. QUICKSURFACE is a standalone Windows 64-bit application for 3D reverse engineering created by experts with more than 25 years experience in the 3D scanning industry.

Import your scan data from any 3D scanner and use QUICKSURFACE reverse engineering software to transform it into a professional quality CAD model in easy steps. Save time and money with our well established and easy-to-learn software solution. Trust our experience and allow us to help you solve your reverse engineering problems.


Key features

  • Interactive Selection
  • Parametric Modelling
  • Automatic Surfacing
  • Free Form Modelling
  • Real-Time Deviation Control
  • Hybrid Modelling
  • 2D and 3D Sketching
  • Dimensioning and Constraints
  • User Controllable Accuracy
  • Mesh Realignment
  • Geometric Primitive Extraction
  • Loft, Sweep and Pipe Surfacing
  • CAD Boolean Operations
  • Trimming & Edge Filleting
  • Fillet & Chamfer
  • Patterns and More….
“QUICKSURFACE is created for professionals and non-professionals to convert 3D Scanned STL meshes with simplicity and ease.”  –  Kostadin Vrantzaliev, Product Manager

Objects that you can make with QUICKSURFACE

QUICKSURFACE reverse engineering software offers powerful, intuitive,
AI driven tools for hybrid parametric modelling for both organic and prismatic shapes.


Prismatic object -CAD model


Mechanical object CAD

Free Form

free form object -Cad model. QUICKSURFACE software products


Hybrid CAD model
Hybrid CAD model


Organic object CAD model


Hybrid CAD model
See our product in details

3D Scanning is just the beginning…

QUICKSURFACE software offers core features for 3D Scan to CAD, easy-to-use tools, maximum speed and cost-effective solution for reverse engineering.
    • Misconception about Scanning Data: While 3D scanning can capture detailed geometric information, it doesn’t automatically translate into ready-to-use CAD models.
    • No Universal Solution: Each reverse engineering project is unique, involving different materials, shapes, and complexities. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
    • Time-Consuming Process: Reverse engineering is indeed a time-consuming process. It involves meticulous analysis, data processing, and iterative adjustments to ensure the accuracy of the final CAD model.
    • Established Practice: While reverse engineering might seem like a contemporary concept, it has been a crucial practice in manufacturing for many years.

    Benefits of QUICKSURFACE

    Although it is possible to take scanned meshes and 3D print them through the scan-to-print process – this often falls short of addressing real-world requirements effectively.

    3D MESH

    3d scan


    object made with QUICKSURFACE


    VW-CAD model

    QUICKSURFACE gives you the power to:

    - Create manufacturable designs;
    - Edit and repair CAD data for broken tools and moulds;
    - Increase design capabilities;
    - Use existing assets to reverse engineer new parts;
    - Transform physical parts into CAD for new custom designs;
    - Create new parts to fit with existing parts;
    - Simplify models for simulation;
    - Prepare models for manufacturing;
    - Speed up your time for manufacturing;
    - Export remodelled data for 3D printing;
    - Reduce costs for design etc.


    This is the best software investment I think I have ever made. So much time saved and the way you have created the workflow really eliminates all the hassle found in other products. I like how you cut to the chase for the end result. Thank you so much for this!!

    Joseph Todd


    A huge thank you to whoever made the series of +175 YouTube videos on QUICKSURFACE!

    After watching a few videos each day, I have now been able to build my skills and capability. I have also compared QUICKSURFACE to other Reverse Engineering software and I find your software so much easier and more natural and logical to use.

    Thank you QUICKSURFACE!


    South Africa

    Sometimes it goes unsaid, but thank you for making such a great software. It really is easy to pick up on. I am sure I am going to have some things that I email you about as suggestions on how to improve the software, but so far, I am really impressed.

    Justin Small

    CSP Machine, USA

    I really like about QUICKSURFACE is how good the software is at dealing with incomplete meshes. The fact QUICKSURFACE only snaps points to the mesh and not the entire surface means you can easily work over / around poor areas. I think QUICKSURFACE really stands out compared to other tools

    Robert Footitt

    Mintronics, UK

    This is the best thread/helix tool I have come across in my 35 years of reverse engineering. QuickSurface is the epitome of simplicity and advancement.

    Marc Erasmus

    South Africa

    I use QUICKSURFACE and Mesh2Surface almost every day in my workflow for various projects. It has been a huge game changer for me because I used to hate reverse engineering work and usually contracted it out to other people. After learning your software, I actually like doing it now because your software makes it so easy and intuitive to do.

    Aaron Dabrowski, Fabworkz


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