Activate QUICKSURFACE with an offline license

1. Start QUICKSURFACE and select 'Settings / Activate Software' from the main menu

2. Click on 'Copy to Clipboard' button (as seen in the image) and then click on 'Close' button to close the dialog.

3. Open your e-mail client and then:
  • Create a new message to  (or to your supplier if you purchased the software from a supplier, you have to message him directly)
  • Paste the Serial Number, that you’ve just copied from QUICKSURFACE (see step 2).
  •  Provide your Name, Company name & Contact details.
  • if you have a license certificate that you received if you purchased the software, please provide your main activation key as a reference
  • Click SEND.

4. When you receive the license key (it may be in a personalised PDF file) copy the license key.

5. Start QUICKSURFACE and select 'Settings Activate...' and enter the provided license key into the empty box.
Using Copy from the PDF and Paste here should prevent any typing errors.
Press Activate.

6. Restart the application for the changes to take effect.