Medical and Dental Industry

3D reverse engineering is becoming increasingly significant in the medical and dental industries. This technology involves the use of 3D scanning and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to create detailed digital models of existing physical objects, which can then be analyzed, modified, or replicated.

Innovation in Your Hands: Personalized Healthcare with 3D Reverse Engineering

Use the new 3D technologies and AI-powered tools of the QUICKSURFACE reverse engineering software.

1. Personalized Patient Care

  • Custom Fit: Using QUICKSURFACE software, 3D reverse engineering enables the creation of prosthetics, implants, and dental appliances tailored to the unique anatomical structures of each patient. This results in a better fit, increased comfort, and improved functionality.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Customization with QUICKSURFACE ensures that devices such as dental aligners, crowns, and prosthetics fit perfectly, reducing discomfort and enhancing patient satisfaction.
lumbar spine

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

2. Improved Accuracy and Precision

  • Detailed Modeling: QUICKSURFACE supports high-resolution 3D scanning, capturing the precise details of a patient’s anatomy. This accuracy is crucial for designing effective medical devices and planning surgical procedures.
  • Reduced Errors: By using accurate digital models generated by QUICKSURFACE, the risk of human error in creating or fitting medical devices is significantly reduced.
knee prosthesis - 3d scann

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

knee prosthesis -

3. Advanced Surgical Planning and Simulation

  • Preoperative Planning: Surgeons can use 3D models created with QUICKSURFACE to plan complex procedures with greater precision, improving surgical outcomes and reducing risks.
  • Training and Simulation: QUICKSURFACE allows surgeons to practice on 3D printed models of a patient’s anatomy, enhancing their skills and confidence before the actual surgery.
Pelvis bone -3d scann

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process


4. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Streamlined Workflow: QUICKSURFACE facilitates the creation of digital impressions and models, speeding up the process of developing medical and dental devices and reducing patient wait times for custom solutions.
  • Reduced Waste: Precise manufacturing based on accurate 3D models from QUICKSURFACE minimizes material waste, making the process both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

Shining 3D                                                                                                               Photo: Will Root

5. Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Detailed Analysis: QUICKSURFACE enables in-depth analysis of anatomical structures through 3D reverse engineering, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment planning of various conditions.
  • Visual Aids: Detailed 3D models generated by QUICKSURFACE can be used to educate patients about their conditions and proposed treatments, improving understanding and communication.
human feet -3D scan

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

human feet - quicksurface
Human feet - CAD model - QUICKSURFACE

6. Innovation in Treatment Approaches

  • Complex Reconstructions: For complex cases, such as craniofacial reconstructions or dental restorations, QUICKSURFACE offers innovative solutions that were previously not possible.
  • Biomechanical Studies: Researchers and clinicians can use 3D models from QUICKSURFACE to study the biomechanics of bones and joints, leading to better treatment strategies for musculoskeletal disorders.
Human skull - 3d Scan

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process


Shining 3D – dental scan

7. Better Patient Outcomes

  • Improved Fit and Function: Custom-made devices based on precise 3D models created with QUICKSURFACE improve fit and function, leading to better health outcomes and faster recovery times.
  • Minimized Complications: Accurate planning and custom devices designed with QUICKSURFACE reduce the likelihood of complications during and after treatment.
human teeths - 3d Scan
Human teeths - QUICKSURFACE
Human teeths - CAD model - QUICKSURFACE

QUICKSURFACE software brings significant advantages to the medical and dental industries through its advanced 3D reverse engineering capabilities. By providing precise, customizable, and efficient modeling solutions, it enhances the design and production of custom medical devices and dental appliances.

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