Fashion and Accessories Industries

3D reverse engineering in the fashion and accessories industry leverages advanced technology to digitize and recreate physical products. This process involves capturing the precise dimensions and details of garments and accessories to create accurate digital models, which can then be analyzed, modified, and reproduced.

Preserve the Past, Design the Future: 3D in Fashion and Accessories

Use the new 3D technologies and AI-powered tools of the QUICKSURFACE reverse engineering software.

1. Recreation of Vintage or Out-of-Production Items

  • Digitizing Historical Garments: QUICKSURFACE allows for the precise scanning and digitization of vintage and historical garments and accessories. This creates detailed digital models that can be modified and reproduced while preserving the original design’s integrity.
  • Modern Reproduction: Designers can modernize vintage designs by tweaking the digital models, combining classic aesthetics with contemporary materials and techniques.

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

2. Custom Fit and Tailoring

  • Accurate Body Scanning: Using QUICKSURFACE to process 3D body scans helps create accurate digital replicas of customers’ bodies. This ensures perfectly tailored garments that fit individual measurements.
  • Personalized Design Adjustments: Designers can easily make adjustments to digital garment models to tailor them to specific body shapes, providing a high level of customization.

Fits Me dress by Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

3. Rapid Prototyping and Development

  • Quick Prototyping: The QUICKSURFACE software enables quick creation and modification of digital prototypes, significantly speeding up the design process. This reduces the need for multiple physical samples.
  • Iterative Design Testing: Designers can iterate rapidly on designs, making modifications in the digital realm before producing physical prototypes, which saves time and material costs.

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

4. Quality Control and Inspection

  • Precision Comparison: QUICKSURFACE can compare scanned data from produced garments and accessories against original CAD models, ensuring consistency and high quality in manufacturing.
  • Defect Identification: The software can identify deviations and defects in manufactured garments and accessories early in the production process, allowing for timely corrections.

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

5. Sustainable Fashion Practices

  • Reducing Material Waste: By minimizing the need for physical prototypes, QUICKSURFACE helps reduce material waste, supporting sustainable production practices.
  • Optimizing Resource Use: Accurate digital models ensure efficient use of resources, reducing excess materials usage during production.

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

6. Digital Archiving

  • Creating Digital Libraries: By digitizing garments and accessories, brands can build comprehensive digital archives for future reference, design inspiration, and reproduction.
  • Historical Preservation: Digitally preserving important fashion pieces ensures that they remain accessible for educational purposes and future generations.
human hand 3d scan

QUICKSURFACE – Pro working process

human hand - QUICKSURFACE
human hand- CAD model - QUICKSURFACE

3D reverse engineering with QUICKSURFACE is revolutionizing fashion and accessories by enhancing design precision, customization, and sustainability. It enables recreating vintage pieces, ensuring quality control, offering custom-fit solutions, and digital archiving. As technology evolves, its impact on fashion will continue to grow, offering innovative solutions for designers and manufacturers.

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