This QUICKSURFACE Pro product is a professional, complete solution for 3D Reverse Engineering. The software is compatible with any 3D scanner exporting STL, OBJ, or PLY meshes or PTX point clouds. It provides simple yet powerful tools for converting your digitized data into ready-to-use models. You can use it for both free-form modelling and parametric modelling. Additionally, automatic surfacing is available. Your high-quality models can be exported in standard IGES or STEP file formats to other CAD/CAM packages, or you can use them for 3D printing or CNC machining.

Scan data Import

import scan data from any scanner into QUICKSURFACE Pro saved as STL, OBJ, or PLY mesh files. For long-range scanners, the data can be imported using the PTX file format. QUICKSURFACE allows the user to load any size mesh.

Mesh editing

Simple-to-use mesh editing tools of QUICKSURFACE Pro allow easily to reduce the size of the data without lose of accuracy, fill holes and remove mesh outliers. Create watertight mesh for 3D printing or for reverse engineering


QUICKSURFACE Pro can remove stamps, markers or other features. Simply select and 'de-feature' with a single button click.

Primitives extraction

QUICKSURFACE Pro quickly reconstruct planes, cylinders, cones, and spheres. Additionally, create reference geometries like lines and points for use in aligning meshes to the world coordinate system or to other scans.

Symmetry plane

Find a plane of symmetry of the object. Use the analyser to identify the quality of the position of the plane. Fine tune the position with on-screen controls to achieve the best results.

Fit surface

Select the area of interest and let the software approximate the selection with a free-form surface. The resulting surface is extended to make it suitable for trimming. The real-time deviation colour map instantly displays the quality of the surface.

Object align

Position the object into the world coordinate system using the extracted primitives. The interactive definition of the coordinate system allows the user to adjust the correct orientation of the object.

N-points alignment

In QUICKSURFACE Pro you can align multiple scan data to each other or scan data to imported CAD model. Simply pick 3 or more corresponding points and get the objects aligned

Global fine align

Optimise two or more overlapping scans of the same object. The smart global fine align allows the user to create complete scan from scans of the same object from different sides.

2D sectioning

Interactive sectioning allows the user to extract reference points for 2D Sketching. Create the section plane interactively, aligned to world or CAD planes, or even align curve. For the purposes of lofting - the user can also create multiple sections at once.

Constrained 2D sketching

Use dimensions and constraints tools in QUICKSURFACE Pro to create accurate sketches like in any other CAD package.

Offset and patterns in 2D sketch

Offset or create multiple instances with linear and circular pattern in 2D sketch

Helix curve

State of the art user interactive way to create a helix curve for threads. Measure interactively the pitch, provide start, end point and axis and get the final result. Expand the cure in several ways to make the perfect thread

3D sketching

Draw free form curves directly on the reference mesh. Create blend curves and prepare for further use with fill surface, free form from 3D sketch or any other CAD surfacing operation

Fill surface

Create bounded surface from 3D sketches, but also get the best underlying shape to the reference data for most accurate results

Loft and sweep surfacing

Loft, sweep, pipe. Join the surface or use them in trimming operations.

Extruded and revolved surfacing

Create extruded and revolved surfaces or solid bodies. Apply draft. Use the snapping option for optimal results

Triming & Boolean operations

In QUICKSURFACE Pro you can create surfaces or solids by using mutual trim operation or boolean operations on solids. The coloured display and diagnostic tools allow you to identify the issues while performing these operations.

Fillet & Chamfer

The chamfer and fillet operations come with a real-time analyser. Simply drag the arrow to define the fillet radius on the screen and instantly observe the deviation of the fillets against the reference mesh—all in real-time.


Create repetitive patterns of objects by arranging them in linear or circular formations. Additionally, employ object mirroring for added symmetry when necessary.

Trim mesh with primitives

Split the mesh with CAD primitives to allow quick conversion of organic shapes into CAD body with automatic surfacing

Free-form modelling

The Quad surface feature empowers users to reconstruct free-form surfaces, a capability not achievable through standard surfacing methods. Our proprietary snap-to-mesh technology enables even non-professionals to effortlessly create shapes, a unique feature not found in any other solutions.

Automatic surfacing

Create surfaces on organic shapes with just the click of a button. No user interaction is required. Featuring the best automatic surfacing available today, the algorithm optimizes the number of resulting NURB patches to a minimum. The surface quality is G2 everywhere and G1 at extraordinary points.

Real-time deviation analyser

QUICKSURFACE Pro - Speed optimised real-time distance colour map allows the user to keep everything in control and get the most accurate results.

Thicken free-form

Thanks for the advanced smart algorithms, thicken the free-form surfaces.

Hybrid parametric modelling

In addition to being parametric for standard features, the software enables the creation of CAD models through a blend of free-form and prismatic features. Users have the flexibility to revisit and modify free-form surfaces if necessary, ensuring the ability to reconstruct results with ease.


Get a surface and flatten it into a 2D sketch. Export in DXF or IGES for use in any other 2D software

Deviation analyser

Manage the precision of your reconstruction using the efficient distance colour map. Compare the CAD model with the reference mesh at any stage of your process.

Draft analyser

Prepare the model for manufacturing by controlling the draft angles for when this will be used for molding.

Link to other CAD packages

In QUICKSURFACE Pro you can export reconstructed surfaces or solid models for use in other packages using the industry standard format STEP or IGES.


Some of the features that make QUICKSURFACE software different:
  • Interactive selection on reference mesh;
  • Constrained best fit;
  • Relations between extracted primitives – parallelism, perpendicularity, coincidence, offset;
  • Quick alignment based on extracted primitive;
  • Realtime deviation colour map in 2D Sketch mode;
  • Proprietary snap-to-mesh technology for free form modelling;
  • The ability to modify the automatic surface;
  • Realtime deviation in Free Form;
  • Parametric hybrid modelling;
  • Creation of watertight mesh for 3D printing;

Finally, the power is in your hands – the User. Test it yourself!

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