Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Trust our 30 years of experience into 3D scanning industry
and allow us to help you solve your Reverse Engineering problems with professional software for 3D scan to CAD modelling.


QUICKSURFACE is a standalone 64 bit software application that allows you to convert 3D Scan data into complete CAD model.


It provides you with the most important tools for 3D reverse engineering to reconstruct hybrid parametric CAD models.

Import, align and repair your STL meshes, extract geometries, sketches and free form surfaces.

Construct extruded and revolved shapes and finish with trimming, boolean and fillet operations. And all this in a simple and understandable workflow.

2. What can I do with QUICKSURFACE

3D Scanners can deliver the results as ‘meshes’. These meshes can be used for visualisation and 3D printing, but not for drawings, dimensioning and other operations.


You cannot use them in CAD packages as normal solids or surfaces. For this reason these meshes need to be converted into ‘CAD model’ – a parametric representation of the forming surfaces.


The scanned meshes also capture all the imperfections of the original part. In order to make it perfect you need the tools for reverse engineering which QUICKSURFACE offers.

3. What are the minimum system requirements to run QUICKSURFACE?

The minimum system requirements are:

Laptop or PC with Windows 10 (64 Bit version)

CPU: Intel i5 or higher (or its equivalent of another CPU manufacturer)


HDD: 256 GB

Graphics card: dedicated graphics card – nVidia or AMD

Internet: Software and licenses are delivered and activated using Internet connection.

Once activated we recommend an internet connection to allow automatic newer version detection to keep you up to date (not mandatory, it is your choice).

4. Which file formats from 3D Scanning QUICKSURFACE can import?

QUICKSURFACE imports STL, OBJ or PLY mesh or PTX point cloud.

The most common file format which is exported from a 3D Scanner is STL mesh.

5. Can I use a large 3D scan data?

Being a 64-bit application allows the user to load any size mesh. QUICKSURFACE can handle easily 100 million triangles.

For the purposes of manipulation, the build-in polygon reduction function allows the user to create a mesh with suitable number of triangles without compromising the quality of the mesh.

6. What are the main features of QUICKSURFACE?

QUICKSURFACE software- 3d scan to CAD modelling features:

–   Parametric Modelling;

–   Automatic Surfacing;

–   Free Form Modelling;

–   Real-time Deviation Control;

–   Hybrid Modelling – both organic & parametric shapes;

–   Working with Large Meshes;

–   User Controllable Accuracy;

–   Mesh Realignment;

–   Geometric Primitive Extraction;

–   Trimming & Edge filleting for solid modelling;

Learn more about  QUICKSURFACE features

7. Can I try QUICKSURFACE before I buy?

Yes, you can take QUICKSURFACE’s functionality for a test drive – FREE for 30 days from here: TRY NOW

8. How to activate QUICKSURFACE?

QUICKSURFACE requires activation license. If you don’t have such already follow these simple steps – activate QUICKSURFACE


9. How can I buy QUICKSURFACE?

QUICKSURFACE is a reverse engineering software 3d scan to CAD modeling

You can contact us directly or find our reseller in your area.

Visit our page for information: QUICKSURFACE – prices

Or you can get 30 days  FREE trial.

10. What about maintenance or subscription?

The license you buy is perpetual (not a subscription) with one year maintenance included. You can buy maintenance optionally – this allows you always to get the latest version. The yearly maintenance cost is 15% of the price. To get more information click here..

11. How long do I need for training?

Our users say, they needed less than a weeks to start effectively use QUICKSURFACE, but to get familiar with all the major functions in a couple of hours.


QUICKSURFACE is equipped with AI driven, easy-to-use tools for extracting features from your 3D scan and intuitive and fast user interface.


The best way to start your training is with our comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials: QUICKSURFACE tutorials

12. What if I need a technical support for QUICKSURFACE?

Our quick and responsive team can be reached through our e-mail:

For any questions, problems or just to say thanks, feel free to reach us.

Although we are doing our best, please allow us to reply within one business working day.

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